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Style of Mask:

Dan Runners Mask, Gunyege

Catalog #: 0906.3508
Tribe: Dan
Country: Liberia or Ivory Coast, Africa
Measurements: mask (without attachments) measures 9" tall x 6" wide  overall height w/attachments is 28" by 11" and 14" deep (front to back)
Materials: Wood, bone, bronze bells, copper (teeth), tree bark/root (plaited wig/beard), cotton cloth with indigo.
Accessories: custom metal stand
Provenance: Ex private collection of French Ivory Coast businessman (full provenance upon purchase).  This gentleman was known for having the largest collection of Dan passport masks.   Age unknown, but shows good age and patina.  An exceptional piece.
Cost: $1350.00 with custom stand SOLD
Notes: A superb REAL runners mask (most of those on the market are either contemporary fakes or ones of poor quality).  This piece is beautifully carved, showing excellent patina.  Of special note is the plaited beard and headdress - which is made entirely of native bark/root fibers (not rope which is common today).  Very tight weave (nicest I've ever seen).  Tthe mask shows excellent age and use.  Nice breath patina on the inside and sacrificial patina on the front.  Click on photos to enlarge.

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