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STAGING Kinyago offers rare and unique African and New Guinea art pieces for rent and lease for corporate offices, home sales, movie and television sets and interior decorating. 


APPRAISALS Kinyago offers several different types of appraisals.

Basic Appraisals:  Send us a photo and we'll tell you what tribe it's from, whether or not its authentic and a rough estimate as to its value is.  We're BRUTALLY honest!  Its a FREE service. 

Full Appraisals:   Scott Farrell is a certified appraiser of Tribal Art and can provide a full insurance appraisal with detailed information.  This service is billed hourly at a rate of $200 per hour, two hour minimum.  This is usually done for entire collections, however individual pieces can also be appraised.

A typical appraisal consists of a dozen or more pages describing the object(s) in detail, comparing prices to known sales, listing very detailed accounts of the traditional use and ritual(s) associated of the piece as well as general information on the tribe(s), countries and other pertinent information including replacement, insurance, wholesale (resale) or auction valuation(s).   Contact us for more information. 




CUSTOM DISPLAYS AND METAL STANDS FOR AFRICAN MASKS Kinyago offers custom crafted metal (steele) stands and displays for your masks.  Contact us or visit our sister website:  Stock and custom mask stands for African Masks.

We also do custom framing and display design.



SOURCING We make regular buying trips to Africa, Oceania and other countries, as well as tribal art shows, auctions and we have  extensive connections with tribal art dealers around the world.  If you are looking for something, it's legal and available - we can find it for you! 

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